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El Morro

Photo by N. Michelle Rodríguez
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Region:  metro area
Western end of the Norzagaray St., Old San Juan
San Juan, PR, 00901
Administrator:  National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior
Entrance Fee:  Less than $10


The Castillo San Felipe del Morro, an extraordinary landmark place in Old San Juan, is part of the San Juan National Historic Site.

Regular entrance to the park surroundings is free. A day in this park is priceless. Either flying a kite or laying down on a blanket on the ground for a picnic are some of the activities to enjoy in this park.

For entrance fee to the fortification or guided tours, please contact the San Juan National Historic Site, U.S. National Park Service.

Note: Any price range informed above the place’s description is an estimate of general entrance fee, based on information provided by the place’s administration or box office or found on the place’s website, at the time of the posting. There might be other fees or charges for specific activities or attractions. For more accurate prices, visit the place’s website or contact the place’s administration or box office. The company behind the web application and any affiliates or subsidiaries are not agents or representatives of the place and are not responsible for the accuracy of the price range informed.


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