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A Kid’s Enchantment by Nature and a Pedal Boat

Discovery of the Blasina Channel Area
Publication of Discovery: Nov. 30, 2018
Issue: November, 2018

If you wish to plan a relaxing and not time-consuming outdoor recreation that a kid would love, we suggest renting a pedal boat in the Carolina Kids Museum located in the Municipality of Carolina, Puerto Rico. This experience allows you to spend quality time with a youngster while both admire the natural surroundings of an area part of the Blasina Channel, a component of the San Juan Bay Estuary.

The adventurer kid joined us on this diversion, and basically, led the way on a small body of water resembling a small lagoon. As we immersed in the pedal boat recreation, the beauty of the mangroves and serenity captivated us. While the adventurer kid was excited as he set the course and pedaled, under our supervision, he was attracted to the natural environment.

Watching lots of nature, including the Common Moorhen (“Gallareta Común” in Spanish), ducks and other aquatic birds on the water, fascinated the adventurer kid. Also, he loved the pedal boat experience since he could exercise as he pedaled. He particularly said that pedaling the boat was much better than navigating on a motor boat.

We suggest looking at the pictures in this article’s photo gallery—the adventurer kid’s happiness and the natural area’s charm are perceivable. You and your kid could be the next ones pedaling on a body of water surrounding the Carolina Kids Museum, and drafting your own anecdote.

Each pedal boat rental lasts 15 minutes; however, you may pay for additional rentals to extend the recreation’s duration, subject to availability. As of the publication date of this article, pedal boat rental fees are $2.00 per person. Children need to be accompanied by an adult during the pedal boat activity. For more information, you may contact by phone the Carolina Kids Museum or read its website’s content. T: 787-257-0261 or 787-757-2626, ext. 5023 or 5018. W: .

tour provider: Yourself as your Kid's Guide
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where the crew ate: Bambú Burger
photograph by: N. Michelle Rodríguez

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Salvador Ferrer, San Juan, P.R.- ”I loved the pedal boat recreation because I saw a lot of nature and the ducks were on the water. I also loved the pedal boat because I didn’t have to use a motor boat to set the course; I could do that by using my own feet. I prefer pedaling a boat because I do exercise.” (translation ours)


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