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A Delightful Bike Ride in Paseo Lineal Río Bayamón

Enjoying the Way in Company of Lovely Flora
Publication of Discovery: July 31, 2019
Issue: July, 2019

Paseo Lineal Río Bayamón is a park, located in the City of Bayamón, Puerto Rico, where kids may ride a bike while surrounded by diverse flora. Two-way cycle tracks are available for bikers.

The adventurer kid smiled as soon as he saw Paseo Lineal Río Bayamón's long bikeway. The youthful soul happily rode the bike along lots of greenery, palms and Queen's Crape myrtle (Reina de las Flores in Spanish), ficus, Geiger (Vomitel colorado in Spanish) and almond trees, among others. Charming white star-shaped jasmine flowers and ornamental grass were also seen.

The succulent jungle flame red flower (Cruz de Malta in Spanish) and mushrooms attracted the adventurer kid. However, the prominent and magnificent flamboyant trees found along the way were the young biker’s favorite ecotreasures. The story’s photographs speak for themselves.

The tranquil ambience, natural surroundings and well-maintained cycle tracks are key for Paseo Lineal Río Bayamón to be a great biking spot for kids as well as adults. The length of the explored bikeway along the beautiful flora is one mile each way. Those interested in exercising more, may bike under a highway bridge and towards Río Hondo's mouth area (three additional miles each way on this path).

This recreational facility is open from Monday to Sunday, 6:00 am- 10:00 pm; however, the entrance gate closes at 8:30 pm and the gate next to the bridge closes at 5:30 pm or 6:00 pm, depending on sundown.

tour provider: Yourself at Nature
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where the crew ate: Faccio s Pizza (Cupey)
photograph by: N. Michelle Rodríguez

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Paseo Lineal Río Bayamón

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Paseo Lineal Río Bayamón

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Salvador F. (San Juan, P.R.) “The bike ride in Paseo Lineal Río Bayamón was cool.”


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