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Puerto Rico Nature Encounters Ideas for 2020 Wish List

New Year, New Discoveries
Publication of Discovery: Dec. 31, 2019
Issue: December, 2019

Whether you are a nature encounters lover or someone who wishes to connect more with nature, you may consider including in your 2020 Wish List any of the following experiences that may be done in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Nature Encounters Ideas for 2020 Wish List:

1) Reaching the highest peak in El Yunque National Forest

Hike on El Toro Wilderness Trail, which comprises a 2.3-mile route each way. The trailhead is located at Road 186, Km 10.8, in El Yunque National Forest, which is managed by the U.S. Forest Service. It takes around three hours to hike each way. You will need to give all you got to meet El Toro Peak, the most elevated point in this rainforest.

2) Staying overnight in Puerto Rico’s countryside

Spending a night in rural municipalities, such as Adjuntas, Utuado, Jayuya, Orocovis, Ciales and Barranquitas, and feeling the cool breeze while staring at lots of stars guarding a beautiful landscape of green hills and listening to pleasant vocal sounds of coquí, a small frog known for its distinctive call, and criquet, is a great way to bond with nature.

3) Witnessing an awesome rainbow scenery

Being at the right time and place to see a spectacular rainbow along a lovely view, such as a tropical ocean and an attractive lighthouse, is a privilege given by nature. Whether you are in the northern, eastern, southern or western side of Puerto Rico, you may lucky to admire one of these sightseeing views.

4) Finding a surprising animal or plant

To discover an extraordinarily big butterfly, a bird not commonly seen in a particular natural area, or a plant that attracts you as if it were love at first sight are examples of amazing instances that you will never forget. If you search for it, you may not find it. Just wish for nature to astonish you.

5) Hiking on a forest trail for the first time and letting nature’s wonder be revealed

Besides flora and fauna seen along the path, striking discoveries, such as a stunning natural pool or scenic view, may be found at the end of a forest trail. Puerto Rico offers multiple forests to choose from so that you can experience awe.

Though some of the above-mentioned experiences require prior planning, your positive vibes and an expect-the-unexpected attitude are key for your general wish to come true. Make the best of your journey in 2020 !

tour provider: Yourself at Nature
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photograph by: N. Michelle Rodríguez José Ferrer Jonathan Ortiz and Carlos Esteva

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El Toro Wilderness Trailhead, Road 186, Km 10.8

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El Toro Wilderness Trailhead, Road 186, Km 10.8

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