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Christmastime Amusements for Kids in Puerto Rico

Old San Juan, Countryside and Festivals
Publication of Discovery: Dec. 31, 2019
Issue: December, 2019

Puerto Rico’s Christmas season usually starts right after Thanksgiving Day and finishes on the last day of Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián, a festival in Old San Juan. The following list includes examples of activities that parents and travelers may experience with their kids during Christmas season in Puerto Rico.

Typical Activities to Do with Kids during Puerto Rico’s Christmas Season:

1) Enjoying the Christmas’s spirit of Old San Juan at night

Admiring vivid Christmas lighting decor giving life to the old district’s streets, taking pictures of loved ones posing next to Christmas decorations in public squares (plazas), and happily watching your kids playing in plazas, whether riding a bike, skate boarding or running and chasing one another, are among the memorable experiences you may cherish following a visit to Old San Juan at night during Christmastime.

2) Appreciating the Nativity scene in Siervas de María Convent, Old San Juan

During Christmas season, the public can see an exhibition of art objects representing the birth of Jesus and other related scenes in Siervas de María Convent in San Juan. This is one of the most impressive Nativity scenes families might look at in Puerto Rico. Those who follow Christian traditions may like sharing this experience with their kids as these are usually surprised by this display. Siervas de María Convent is located at the end of Fortaleza Street, T.: 787-724-2228

3) Three Kings Festival in Juana Díaz or similar events

On January 6 every year, many Puerto Ricans celebrate Three Kings Day, a Christian tradition. Municipalities usually organize festivities for their residents and visitors in public squares during that day. Some municipalities arrange Three Kings festivals that last for a few days. One of the festivals that has stood out for years is the Three Kings Festival in the Municipality of Juana Díaz, which in 2020 will begin on January 2 and end on January 6. You may find information about Juana Díaz’s Three Kings Festival in .

4) Visiting lechoneras in Puerto Rico’s countryside

Though you may find multiple lechoneras (small food establishments that sell roasted pork) around the island, the most famous ones are in Guavate neighborhood, Municipality of Cayey. These food establishments serve all year round Puerto Rican Christmas cuisine: roasted pork, rice with pigeon peas, morcilla (blood sausage) and pasteles, which are usually made of a mixture of green banana, yautia, plantain and sometimes pumpkin, filled with pork. During the Christmas season, families listen to traditional Puerto Rican Christmas music in lechoneras.

5) Kids activities in festivals in honor of Saint Sebastian

On mid-January every year, Puerto Ricans meet in Old San Juan to have fun in Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián. Kids may enjoy arts and crafts workshops commemorating Puerto Rico’s culture, face paintings, and bomba dance workshops, at this festival. In 2020, the event will last from January 15 to January 19.

During the same weekend as the previously mentioned festival, another festivity in honor of Saint Sebastian, targeted towards kids and their families, takes place in Río Piedras Botanical Garden: Los Niños Celebran San Sebastián Festival. Performances and music bands suitable for children, arts and crafts workshops in remembrance of Puerto Rico’s culture or nature, face paintings and story reading are among the amenities that have been offered throughout the years in this event. For more information, you may contact Fundación Ecológica Educativa at 787-615-6678.

Take advantage of Puerto Rico’s cheerful amusements during its Christmas season. Plan ahead and have fun with your family.

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