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Adapting Culture-and-History-Oriented Tourism at Present Times

A Way to Align with Cultural Amusements, Historical Sites and Humanity
Publication of Discovery: June 30, 2020
Issue: June, 2020

Historical sites and cultural amusements are here to stay. Even though appropriate precautionary measures need to be taken in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, you can find ways to appreciate and learn about history and culture of places. For example, you may consider any of the following activities suitable under current circumstances:

1) Discovering cultural amusements and history while at home

Read articles or watch online tours about cultural displays, historical sites, or history-related museums in your country of residence or other destinations.

2) Taking virtual natural history museum tours

Learn more about the history related to Planet Earth, evolution and civilizations.

3) Taking online visual arts museum tours

Based on the art movements of your interest, join virtual tours to watch and learn about artworks that are displayed in museums located in your country of residence or in other countries. You may see images of paintings, sculptures, crafts, and photographs exhibited in the galleries.

4) Learning how to cook a dish emblematic of a culture

Read the recipe or watch an online course on how to cook such food, which may be representative of your culture or other country’s gastronomy.

5) Delighting yourself while eating local food

Whether you are staying at your place of residence or visiting another country, savor the flavors of local food.

Since quality of life is important always, the present is the best time to reorganize step-by-step how you will connect with history and culture while protecting your health. Balance is key to temporary lifestyle adjustments during the current pandemic. Keep entertaining yourself while learning.

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photograph by: N. Michelle Rodríguez

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