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Stand up paddleboarding on Condado Lagoon

Freedom at its Maximum Expression
Publication of Discovery: March 12, 2016
Issue: March, 2016

Stand up paddleboarding on the Condado Lagoon was beyond our expectations. When we planned this experience, we thought that the main attraction would be the stand up paddleboarding per se, meaning the water sport itself. What a surprise we had! It was our first time practicing this water sport, and we must say that the feeling while enjoying paddleboarding was spectacular.

Of course, first we took a short lesson of paddleboarding with Velauno’s instructor, Robert Valentín. For some tips about this sport, read the “delve!” section next to this article.

We began our paddleboarding experience by kneeling down on the board, as recommended by Mr. Valentín. The feeling of leaving the land and immersing in the lagoon by leading your own way with the help of nature stood out from the sport itself. Paddleboarding became the tool to reach the main attraction: our freedom at the lagoon.

From the beginning, we felt comfortable performing paddleboarding since water is our thing. So, a long time didn’t pass for us to engage in stand up paddleboarding. When we stood up on that board and paddled around the Condado Lagoon located in San Juan, Puerto Rico, we conquered that lagoon. The view of the lagoon, the trees and small mangroves in conjunction with the silence around us was magical and not even the city nearby interrupted that experience. The view of the lodging establishments and other buildings nearby both sides of the lagoon also formed part of the beautiful scenery.

Even though the city is located all around the lagoon, the lagoon stands out on its own. As a result, the lagoon, the paddleboarding and we became the main characters during the navigation. Everything else was a sightseeing view that accompanied us.

We had the opportunity to paddle next to the San Antonio Bridge and to admire different flora, depending on the area navigated. A small and gorgeous red mangrove (Rhizophora mangle) captivated us on our way back from the bridge.

For those of you who like to feel that sense of freedom and are not scared of the water, you may contact Velauno for paddleboarding equipment rental or guided tour information at 787- 470-9099 or 787-728-8716. Velauno offers other services such as kayak rentals and windsurfing lessons.

Velauno’s services nearby the Condado Lagoon are available from Monday- Sunday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (last hour to purchase services at 5:00 pm).

tour provider: Velauno
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where the crew ate: Melanzana Bistro Pizza
photograph by: Nitzia Amadeo

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Michelle Rodríguez: " Stand up paddleboarding was one of the best experiences in my life."


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