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A Fond Experience on an Immense River

Kayaking on Río Grande de Loíza
Publication of Discovery: June 30, 2021
Issue: June, 2021

Kayaking on the river known as Río Grande de Loíza in Puerto Rico, particularly on a site in the countryside, was distinctive. Exploring a body of water in a serene and secluded environment surrounded by Gurabo Municipality’s hills and flora was something else. In addition, paddling on a river with a huge river basin (the largest river basin in the island) contributed to an extraordinary experience.

The brownish-green color of Río Grande de Loíza’s waters along with tropical trees, such as coconut palms, royal palms, areca palms and almond trees, and deciduous trees created an intriguing path. As we immersed in the wide river, it seemed as if the river hugged us with open arms. Silence was the river’s ally as both complemented each other. Even though we paddled, the calm waters of Río Grande de Loíza predominated; and thus, quiet.

As we kayaked upstream, we noticed water lettuces spread over a river area next to coconut palms and other trees. Almost every outdoors recreation unveils something that really surprises us. This time it was this beautiful scenery that created a natural painting.

A yellow acacia tree (Albizia lebbeck) caught our attention from far away. Its yellow flowers magnetized so we kayaked towards the tree until we reached a spot for the perfect picture.

Another highlight was the Great Egret standing on a tree, overlooking the river. Its elegant pose attracted us, but as we got closer to take a picture the egret flew little by little to different spots on the tree as if it were climbing a staircase. Nevertheless, the Great Egret’s attitude resulted in an interesting encounter. As the bird flew more, the more we wanted to stare at it.

Those who like playdates with water and tranquility may want to look into this Río Grande de Loíza’s kayaking spot. You may rent kayaks from Paddle Paradise PR and Outdoor Center to do this recreation at this place. Paddleboards may also be available for rent, depending on the current’s conditions. You may contact Paddle Paradise PR and Outdoor Center at 787-469-3397 and view its website: .

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photograph by: N. Michelle Rodríguez and José Ferrer

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Michelle Rodríguez (San Juan, P.R.): “Peace at its best―that is what you can find while kayaking on Río Grande de Loíza.”


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