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Soothing on a Mangrove Course

Navigating on Museo del Niño de Carolina’s Paseadora
Publication of Discovery: June 30, 2021
Issue: June, 2021

A secluded area in Museo del Niño de Carolina (Carolina Kid’s Museum) in the island of Puerto Rico turned out to be the gateway to a very relaxing nature encounters recreation suitable for kids and their families. Calm bodies of water, mangroves and fauna converged and created charming scenery that soothed our crew’s adventurer girl. We gladly share our experience while exploring some natural resources that are part of San Juan Bay Estuary.

A walk on a long wooden path led us to a dock where a boat named Paseadora and its captain, Julio, greeted us. The Paseadora was sitting on a lovely spot: Blasina Channel. Once we all settled in the comfy boat and the navigation began, the adventurer girl and the rest of the crew were hypnotized by the natural surroundings, especially since Blasina Channel’s narrowness allows to feel an intimate connection with nature.

While exploring Blasina Channel and on our way towards Torrecilla Lagoon, an abundance of red mangrove (Rhizophora mangle) accompanied by white mangrove (Laguncularia racemosa) and black mangrove (Avicennia germinans) were the highlights. It was nice to watch the adventurer girl mellowing out while feeling the breeze and looking at the channel and mangroves.

At Torrecilla Lagoon, the beauty of this bigger body of water immediately attracted us. While surrounded by mangroves, palms and other trees, the views showed nature living next to humans and infrastructure. Boats on a dock managed by Cooperativa de Pescadores de Piñones and a restaurant in Piñones sector, Municipality of Loíza, in addition to an air traffic control tower and a runway in Municipality of Carolina were some views pointed out by Julio. He also showed Sierra de Luquillo (a mountain range where El Yunque National Forest is located) which was seen at a much farther distance. That specific view reminded us of how grand is nature and seemed a symbolism of nature’s conquest over us, humans, rather than vice versa.

On our way back on Blasina Channel, something magical happened. When we were a few minutes away from reaching the dock, we were saying that we didn’t see any birds during the boat trip. Less than a minute later, nature unveiled fauna. The adventurer girl as well as the others, were amazed at the Great Egret (“garza real” in Spanish) (Ardea alba), the Common Moorhens (“gallareta común” in Spanish) (Gallinula chloropus) and, especially, the Little Blue Heron (“garza azul” in Spanish) (Egretta caerulea). Even the Puerto Rican Slider turtle (“jicotea” in Spanish) (Trachemys stejnegeri) made an appearance for a few seconds and then submerged. The sudden and consecutive fauna stages that captivated us only had one explanation: Mother Earth had listened to us and shared these gifts for the adventurer girl and everyone else to admire.

Those interested in the Paseadora trip, may contact Museo del Niño de Carolina for more information. This boat ride is subject to prior reservation. Since the boat has a limited maximum capacity of passengers, we suggest arriving very early at the museum to purchase the corresponding tickets. T. 787-257-0261 or 787-757-2626, Ext. 5023 or 5018.

tour provider: Museo del Niño de Carolina
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where the crew ate: Kano s Pizza
photograph by: N. Michelle Rodríguez

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Emma M. (San Juan, P.R.)- “I felt free during the Paseadora trip because I had not explored nature well since a long time. I had never seen a blue egret. From all the birds I have seen, it is the one I most like.” (translation ours)

Salvador F. (San Juan, P.R.) “I saw many birds and learned about different types of mangroves.” (translation ours)

Lorenzo M. (San Juan, P.R.)- “This boat trip can make people happy and let them enjoy the waterways, looking at turtles, birds and mangroves. When one has over and over experiences at nature, one can feel the beauty of nature and of other things in life.” (translation ours)


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