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At Peace in Puerto Rico Botanical Garden

Two Landscapes that Soothe the Soul
Publication of Discovery: Sept. 30, 2021
Issue: September, 2021

The Puerto Rico Botanical Garden may be the answer for something you may be seeking nowadays: profound relaxation. While walking in Jardín Botánico Sur (southern botanical garden), we were magnetized by the beauty and energy of two secluded natural areas: Jardín de Bromelias (Bromelias Garden) and Palmetum. Silence and nature joined forces to set the stage for connection with oneself and Mother Earth.

Bromelias Garden is a charming place that calls for meditation. A majestic fan palm known as Puerto Rican hat palm (Sabal causiarum), lipstick palms (Cyrtostachys renda), royal palms (Roystonea borinquena) and other elegant palms along with diverse trees, bromelias (Aechmea blanchetiana species), purple Cordyline fruticosa plants, fountains, and a small and pretty red curved bridge on such garden compose harmonious scenery. Just looking at this garden or sitting on its grass or bench while listening to the fountain’s water sounds soothes.

Palmetum is a serene and pleasant nature site. A beautiful artificial pond and surrounding vegetation are the perfect setting for decompression. One may rest and relax while sitting on benches and admiring the landscape. A palm exhibition lies nearby the pond. Staring at the linear arrangement of outstanding royal palms, fan palms, and other palm trees in this spot may help achieve focus and balance.

Bromelias Garden and Palmetum turned out to be places suitable to find inner peace. Do not take for granted these attractions located in Municipality of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Currently, you will need to take a long walk to reach Bromelias Garden. If you need special assistance to reach this garden, you may contact University of Puerto Rico to schedule transportation from the parking lot to such area. For more information, contact the corresponding personnel at 787-250-0000, ext. 4463.

tour provider: Yourself at Nature
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photograph by: N. Michelle Rodríguez Amadeo

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Puerto Rico Botanical Garden

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