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Kayaking Gear that can Make the Difference

Basic Stuff for Protection, Comfort and Nourishment
Publication of Discovery: Sept. 30, 2021
Issue: September, 2021

As in many other water sports, particular gear may help your kayaking experience be more comfortable and pleasant. Below we share examples of things other than kayak, paddles, and sunblock lotion, that are convenient for you during a kayaking trip.

Five Convenient Materials for Kayaking:

1) Rash guard

A rash guard, a shirt made from spandex and polyester or nylon, helps protect the torso from sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Besides sunblock lotion, this type of shirt serves as an additional shield against sunburn on your back, shoulders and the rest of the upper body. A long-sleeve rash guard is recommended to safeguard better your arms from sun’s UV rays.

Also, the rash guard’s fabric dries quicker than a shirt made of cotton. So the rash guard may help keep your body temperature warmer than a t-shirt while you are kayaking and getting wet from water. This is a plus even if you are kayaking on a sunny day because ocean, lake, lagoon or reservoir waters are usually cold.

2) Quick-dry fabric shorts

Using shorts made of quick-dry fabrics, such as polyester or nylon, while kayaking is recommendable since you are constantly exposed to water. Board shorts and men’s swim trunks are made of quick-dry fabrics.

If you are woman who prefers wearing swimwear while kayaking, wearing quick-dry fabric shorts too is a good idea since these will help protect most of your thighs from sun’s UV rays, especially during long kayaking trips.

3) Suitable Shoes

Since kayak’s interior usually gets wet, wearing water shoes or sport sandals with velcro strap is a good option to prevent falls when you are maneuvering to sit down on a kayak or to get out of it. Some people may prefer being barefoot while kayaking; however, the previously mentioned shoes are convenient when you want to walk on a natural area spotted while kayaking, which may happen unexpectedly.

4) Lots of Drinking Water

Whether you expect the kayaking trip to be brief or for a long period of time, bringing drinking water is essential for your well-being. Hydration is important since physical energy is used when paddling and, especially, if you are kayaking at daytime and exposed to sun. It is preferrable to bring lots of drinking water, even more than what you expect to drink. If the trip takes longer than expected due to any reason, such as weather conditions, unexpected stop to explore land, or an emergency, you do not want to be short of water supply.

5) Nutritious Food

Bringing healthy food is beneficial since it can act as energy booster. Even if you expect to kayak for a short period of time (i.e.: less than 30 minutes), it is recommendable to carry nutritious snacks because paddling requires hard work, and also the trip could take longer than expected. Bananas, healthy sandwiches, and high protein snacks may be good food options to bring.

Whenever you plan to kayak, remember you read this article and check if you have the essentials listed herein. Bringing these items along with sunblock lotion (if applicable) may make the difference during your kayaking experience.

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