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Palette of Greens and Blues at Punta Tuna Lighthouse Spot

Striking Sceneries Seen from the Whole Path
Publication of Discovery: Dec. 31, 2021
Issue: December, 2021

Terrific scenery was nature’s gift while exploring the path towards Punta Tuna Lighthouse in Municipality of Maunabo, Puerto Rico. As we walked upwards on a promontory overlooking Punta Tuna Beach, we could not stop staring at beautiful palm trees right next to us and guarding the Caribbean Sea and beach. Even though the lighthouse was what originally motivated us to be there, nature captivated us. There was no urge to get to the summit. We were calmly discovering every bit of the way.

Once we reached the top of the headland and had a closer look at Punta Tuna Lighthouse and nearby ruins, the lookout was our biggest reward. We admired a panorama of the intriguing Caribbean Sea. Two different sceneries can be admired at this point: Punta Tuna Beach and hill sight on one side, and on the other a Caribbean Sea view that projects mystery.

The whole area explored holds serene atmosphere. Besides the point where the lighthouse stands, some spots along the path invite sitting down on a rock or the ground for relaxation, gazing and even meditation.

Though Punta Tuna Lighthouse per se is currently closed, you can visit its premises to mellow out, and view fascinating scenery: a palette of greens and blues. You can take amazing pictures of natural surroundings, the XIX century lighthouse structure built under the Spanish Crown government, and nearby ruins.

Punta Tuna Lighthouse area’s entrance gate is open from Wednesday to Sunday, 9:00 am- 4:00 pm. For more information, you may contact Municipality of Maunabo at 787-861-0825 or 787-861-0333.

tour provider: Yourself at Nature
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where the crew ate: Paisajes Curet Restaurant
photograph by: N. Michelle Rodríguez and José Ferrer

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Punta Tuna Lighthouse

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Punta Tuna Lighthouse

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José Ferrer, San Juan, P.R.: “Punta Tuna Lighthouse has incredible scenery that you can watch on different points.”


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