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Waste Reduction Tips for Travelers

A Way to Keep Helping Planet Earth
Publication of Discovery: Dec. 31, 2021
Issue: December, 2021

Besides eco-friendly practices that can generally be adopted in our lives and during outdoor recreations, you should not forget to minimize waste generation while being a traveler. We understand that your trip’s purpose is a priority when visiting another country; however, taking care of the environment is important too. There are various ways to reduce material consumption and prevent waste without compromising your travel agenda.

Kristal Acevedo, an advocate of Zero Waste movement in Puerto Rico, had a chat with us about how travelers may support such cause. Below we share some of her tips to avoid producing unnecessary waste while on a journey in places besides home. These suggestions are for you to go beyond merely using a reusable water bottle or hydration pack. It is time to do more.

Examples of Waste Reduction Tips for Travelers:

1) Use Reusable Tableware

While exploring destinations, sometimes we may end up eating at food establishments that offer disposable tableware. If you have reusable eating utensils on your purse, bag or backpack, you can use such rather than nonrecyclable disposable plates or utensils.

Though there are diverse options when choosing reusable tableware, a collapsible recyclable silicone bowl along with a set of stainless steel or recyclable plastic cutlery and a glass-or-stainless-steel straw are highly recommended. You may purchase a stainless steel bowl, but the collapsible silicone one is more practical for travelers. Utensils made of coconut shell are another practical eco-friendly option.

2) Carry Fabric Napkins for Various Purposes

As traveler, you can use cloth napkins as substitute for paper napkins or towels. These are useful for cleaning your hands when eating or drying these at restrooms, or holding one-handed food, such as sandwich, hamburger, or taco. You may also use fabric napkins along with alcohol-based hand sanitizers for disinfection rather than hand sanitizing wipes.

3) Do Not Accept Freebies You Will Not Consume

Sometimes airlines give free snacks while in the airplane, or retail stores offer complimentary samples of merchandise at tourist zones or shopping malls. If you know that you will not use freebies and you may throw away these as garbage, please do not accept them. Think twice before deciding to receive such goods.

4) Choose Paperless Options

Try to do your best to reduce paper consumption while doing travel arrangements and during the trip. For instance, you may opt for receiving digital reservation tickets such as those for airplane flights, lodging stay, tours, and museums. Also, you may choose receiving e- receipts. If you do not request paper receipts when buying food, souvenirs, clothing, and entertainment services, you will diminish garbage production. In addition, taking pictures of flyers rather than keeping printed ones in your purse or bag is recommendable. Besides lessening waste material, you would benefit from saving the flyer’s information on your camera.

5) Search for and Use Recycling Bins

Whether at the lodging establishment, outdoor recreation sites or restaurants, you may inquire if recycling bins are available. If so, use these to dispose of any recyclable garbage material (e.g.: applicable plastic bottles, cans, newspapers, or paper).

The above suggestions may also be applied in your daily life; however, we highlighted these to provide examples of practical efforts for waste reduction while planning a trip or being a destination’s guest. As long as you keep being friendly to the environment, Mother Earth will keep rewarding you as a human being and traveler.

Those who wish checking out eco-friendly products for sale that may help minimize garbage volume, may like La Banasta’s sustainable product offer. Kristal founded La Banasta as a way to spread the word about environmental awareness and to influence a lifestyle that supports zero waste campaign. For more information, you may browse La Banasta web application, . E:

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ecotreasures ® staff: “Doing your bit for waste reduction along with other people’s efforts for such cause really makes a difference worldwide.”


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