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Five Puerto Rico Beaches for Young Kids

Rock Barriers Setting the Stage for Shallow and Calm Waters
Publication of Discovery: Dec. 31, 2021
Issue: December, 2021

It is widely known that Puerto Rico has a variety of attractive beaches; however, families with young kids may prefer locations with shallow waters and natural barriers that minimize exposure to strong currents. It is a pleasure to share a list of five lovely beaches in this tropical island, which you may find convenient for youngsters such as toddlers, preschoolers and 6-to-7-year-old children.

Five Puerto Rico Beaches for Young Children:

1) Media Luna Beach, Vieques

This gorgeous beach with white sand is amazing for kids due to its wide shallow-water area. You can even walk in the body of water while you are many feet away from shore. Surrounding headlands forming a cove protect the beach from trade winds and strong waves. The beach was named “Media Luna” (Half Moon) for its shape.

2) Particular area in Montones Beach, Isabela

A shallow-water spot lies in Montones Beach on the northwestern region of Puerto Rico. A huge rock formation on water serves as shield. However, strong currents may be formed as a result of inclement weather. Locals and tourists enjoy this beach during weekends so it is recommendable to arrive early in the morning.

3) Poza de Doña Carmen, Arecibo

This small beach is on a secluded area on the northern side of the island. Children may swim comfortably in this cozy shallow-water spot. Big rocks help prevent strong waves reaching the beach; however, you need to be cautious in the event weather conditions change.

4) Sardinera Beach, Hatillo

This beach is located on Puerto Rico’s northern coastline. Kids may enjoy calm waters as rock formations protect from big waves. Still, families need to guard themselves from unexpected strong water currents.

5) Pocita Mameyal, Dorado

A small natural pool on the northern side of the island sets the stage for kids play at water. Rock formations shield this beach. However, you need to watch out for sudden strong currents.

A beach day with your young sprout in any of the suggested beaches is reasonably expected to be wonderful. While you should never let down your guard while at the beach, the rock barriers are key for the shallow waters that kids are so attracted to, especially for playing and splashing water.

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