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Five Restaurants to Visit for Yummy Puerto Rican Mofongo

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Publication of Discovery: March 31, 2022
Issue: March, 2022

Mofongo, the culinary gem emblematic of Puerto Rico’s gastronomy, captivates lots of people: locals and travelers. Cooking this dish, which is mainly made of mashed fried green plantain, garlic and “chicharrón volao” (“volao” roasted pork cracklings), is a specialty. As we have a high standard for mofongo quality, below we gladly share a list of five restaurants suggested for eating really good mofongo.

Five Restaurants where you can Savor Delicious Mofongo:

1) Paisajes Curet Restaurant

Address: Route 3, Km 109
Maunabo, Puerto Rico

T.: 787-672-7080

2) Patio de Sam

Address: 102 San Sebastián Street
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

T.: 787-723-1149


3) Los Naranjos Restaurant

Address: Route 155 Km 35.5
El Gato neighborhood, Los Naranjos Sector
Orocovis, Puerto Rico

T.: 787-966-9299

4) Café El Punto

Address: 105 Fortaleza Street
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

T.: 787-646-4943

5) Ahuma’o Smoke House

Address: Road 7733, Km. 1.3
Cidra, Puerto Rico

T.: 787-955-8660

The above are examples of restaurants where we believe you will have a satisfying gastronomic experience while tasting mofongo. You can also search for yummy mofongo at other food establishments; however, it is preferable to get prior referrals.

Enjoy your quest for an excellent mofongo!

tour provider: Yourself onto Culture
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where the crew ate: Los Naranjos Restaurant
photograph by: Carlos M. Rodríguez and N. Michelle Rodríguez

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Los Naranjos Rest.

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Michelle Rodríguez, San Juan, PR: “Never settle for less than quality when you are about to eat mofongo.”


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