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Marine Geologist Speaks about Puerto Rico’s Phenomenal Dive Spots

A Talk with Milton Carlo
Publication of Discovery: June 30, 2022
Issue: June, 2022

A marine geologist with 40-year experience as dive instructor shared with us what most attracts him when diving in Puerto Rico. Milton Carlo, Diving Safety Officer at the Marine Sciences Department, University of Puerto Rico, and certified Open Water Scuba Instructor who teaches diving to graduate students and usually is submerged, believes that Puerto Rico is a first-class diving destination worldwide.

Milton, who has dived in countless spots near Puerto Rico and waters close to Saint Thomas, Saint John, Saint Croix, Saint Maarten, and Pulley Ridge near Florida Keys (Gulf of Mexico zone), finds that the most spectacular dives he has ever experienced have been near La Mona Island, Puerto Rico. Crystal clear waters and magnificent and plentiful oceanic life bring about striking dives near La Mona Island, as he stressed. Giant lobsters, snappers and lots of groupers are among the marine animals seen by this diving lover close to La Mona Island.

When asked about his top 5 dive spots in Puerto Rico’s surrounding waters, Milton highlighted: (i) an area located on La Mona Island’s southwestern side, where you can explore an impressive reef wall, (ii) a location on La Mona’s northern side, and (iii) areas near Monito Isle, Culebra, and Vieques (its southern side) due to their crystalline waters and abundance of marine life. According to Milton, his top 5 dive spots are suitable at least for certified advanced divers.

In addition, Milton said dive points close to: (i) Desecheo Island (Mona Passage), (ii) La Parguera fishing village, Municipality of Lajas (e.g.: Los Pináculos, Black Wall, Efra’s Wall), (iii) Municipality of Ponce (e.g.: Derrumbadero), and (iv) Caja de Muertos Isle are among other sites where people may experience extraordinary diving nearby Puerto Rico. For example, divers may see spurs-and-grooves coral formations in Black Wall, Efra’s Wall, and spots near Municipality of Ponce, and Caja de Muertos. According to him, most of the above-mentioned locations are appropriate at least for certified advanced divers, and certified beginners may dive along with certified divemasters in some areas near La Parguera, Ponce (excluding Derrumbadero) and Caja de Muertos’s northern side.

This marine geologist carefully pays attention to all his surroundings while diving. Fish, crustaceans, sea fans and other corals attract Milton a lot. Among the animals that he loves looking at while diving in Puerto Rico, are the following: lobsters, mutton snappers, hogfish, blue marlins, devil rays, whale sharks, dolphins, manatees, and whales. Also, Milton likes exploring ripple marks on the sand as these serve as indicators of the current’s direction.

If we caught your attention about Puerto Rico’s dive sites, you may like checking out this article’s photo gallery. Enjoy!

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Milton Carlo, Cabo Rojo, PR: “With respect to diving, Puerto Rico does not envy anything to any location. The island has many marine habitats to explore. They are spectacular.” (translation ours).


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