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A Lovely Walk in Paraíso Agrícola de Aguas Buenas

Pineapples, Guava, Amazing Views, and Distinctive Art by Means of Nature
Publication of Discovery: June 30, 2022
Issue: June, 2022

Following our drive on rural roads in Puerto Rico and not too far away from the metro area, we reached a secluded farm on top of a hill overlooking extraordinary panoramic views of the countryside and the city: Paraíso Agrícola de Aguas Buenas (Agricultural Paradise of Aguas Buenas). Omar Rivera happily welcomed us into the cozy farm which is also a sightseeing gem. The farm’s main crops are pineapple and guava.

Our walk in the farm was lovely. Omar showed the pineapple main cultivation field where some guava small trees are also grown. Along the way, we noticed that pineapples are everywhere. Omar proudly said he likes growing pineapples mainly for decoration purposes in the farm, but he sells them to visitors as well. He showed his artistic creations which distinguish Paraíso Agrícola de Aguas Buenas. While looking at a hill view, Omar pointed out designs of a heart and Taíno indigenous people sun and coquí symbols, made with pineapples and pieces of wood. Also, we saw an amazing design of the Puerto Rico flag made with wood pieces, lying flat on a hill on the farm premises. It is amazing. You may check out the photograph of that site in this article’s photo gallery and “delve” subsection.

During our path, we stopped at different observation points, most next to Omar’s artistic footprint. Though looking at countryside views per se is attractive and relaxing, comfortable swing chairs and wood benches creatively painted by Omar nicely blend with natural surroundings. Feeling the breeze while appreciating this was special.

After our walk downwards the trail, we finally reached the Guava (Psidium guajava) main cultivation field. The pretty guava small trees are all lined up overlooking another amazing view. According to Omar, this year will be his first guava harvest, which will be ready in the upcoming months. So we were not able to taste Paraíso Agrícola de Aguas Buenas’ guava, but we really appreciated being witnesses of guava’s development. You may check the article’s photo gallery to see small guava fruit growing.

A very nice and convenient wood terrace with painted designs emblematic of Puerto Rico stands close to the main guava field. Not surprisingly, we saw a terrific view while at that point—a perfect way to farewell Paraíso Agrícola de Aguas Buenas. We stayed for a while at this spot and admired what we love: nature.

Following the tour, we tasted the pineapple. It is very juicy and sweet. We liked it a lot, and we believe you may too.

It was pleasing meeting Omar, a farmer who has begun applying eco-friendly agricultural practices and has a hunger for more improvements in the farm in diverse aspects. We believe you will like meeting him too as well as Gacha, a friendly female goat who likes mingling with visitors, and sometimes escorts Omar during his farm chores.

Guided walks in Paraíso Agrícola de Aguas Buenas are available from Friday- Sunday, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm. You may contact Omar at 787-410-0364 for reservations.

tour provider: Paraíso Agrícola de Aguas Buenas
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photograph by: N. Michelle Rodríguez

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Michelle Rodríguez, San Juan, PR: “Omar is full of energy and eager to make the best out of Paraíso Agrícola de Aguas Buenas.”


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