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Over 300 Feet Underground in the Camuy River Cave Park

Where Darkness and Light Harmoniously Meet to Embrace Nature
Publication of Discovery: Feb. 13, 2016
Issue: Feburary, 2016

A very pleasant ride in a mini bus, through forest land and down the hill, took us to Clara Cave in the Camuy River Cave Park, Puerto Rico. The Clara Cave is one of the most impressive caves in this cavern system carved out by the Camuy River. The entrance to the parking area is accessed at Road #129, Km. 18.9, Camuy, Puerto Rico.

We did not have to wait to be inside the cave to begin appreciating the wonderful cavern formations. A group of stalactites, hanging from the roof of the Clara Cave and seen right before stepping into the cave, saluted us as we began the journey.

Once we entered the cavern, we admired diverse cave and rock formations. Besides an abundance of stalactite forms and colors, we saw stalagmite formations located on the floor of the cave. Throughout the years, the growth of some stalactites and stalagmites have resulted in the formation of columns all around the Clara Cave according to Ms. Jorlianne Rodríguez, tour guide from the Puerto Rico National Parks Company.

Right after we entered the cave, we admired an area, located at the left side, named as “Salón de las Esculturas” (Sculpture Room) and comprised of stalactites and columns.

Before we kept walking on the path, we had to take pictures of the South Gallery (southern and main entrance of Clara Cave)—one of the most stunning sceneries of the cave. It looks like a tunnel made of stalactites with a picturesque view of rock formations and plant life, all living together harmoniously. The South Gallery is 70 feet wide and 25 feet high, as stated by Ms. Rodríguez.

As we continued exploring, we encountered a spectacular cave and rock formation scenery, highlighted in some instances by artificial light. Cave scallops were found on the walls and the ceiling of the cave. As explained by Ms. Rodríguez, these scoop-like depressions in the cave are the result of the Camuy River's water flow that crossed through this cave. Imagine looking at all the curiosities found in this cave while at the same time being able to listen to the sounds of water falling, bats and crickets.

As we kept discovering, we reached a 300-foot underground area where the cave's ceiling is 50 feet high, as stated by the tour guide.

The path led us to a point where we could admire the southern and northern entrances of the cave. Ms. Rodríguez explained that Clara Cave got its name because at around 2:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. the sunlight is seen across the cave through the southern and northern entrances, resulting in a bright natural light across the cave. “Clara” is a Spanish word that means “bright”.

Once we arrived at the center area of Clara Cave, we were at a location where the cave's ceiling is 170 feet high and the cave is 200 feet wide, according to Ms. Rodríguez.

As we walked down the hill towards the northern entrance of the cave, we reached a 350-foot underground area. Then we walked towards a location where the Camuy River flows underneath, as stated by the tour guide.

In this habitat, you don’t miss green since plant life, including moss, tends to grow inside the cave near the southern and northern entrances.

Once we exited the cave through the northern entrance, we reached “Sumidero Empalme” (Empalme Sinkhole), which is 418 feet deep and 83 feet wide according to Ms. Rodríguez. We were surrounded by plant life as we admired a small spring waterfall known as “Fuente de la Juventud” (Fountain of Youth), as stated by the tour provider. Looking towards the northern entrance of the cave, we had the chance to watch the natural colors of the cave formation around it.

As we continued our exploration, we found the “Guabá”, the Tailless-Whip scorpion usually referred to as a cave spider. Luckily, the "Guabá" was found between walls of the cave. We also encountered the “Casa de los Murciélagos” (Bat House), surrounded by stalactites on the top and scallops on the corner sides. At 150 feet underneath this location, the Camuy River flows, as stated by the tour guide.

Right before approaching the end of the path, we had a chance to admire again the South Gallery from another side of the cave.

As one of the Puerto Rican tourists said during this adventure: “The force of nature does not fail to impress. Practically, it is nature at its maximum expression.” (José M. Ferrer Tanco's translated quote)

For those of you interested in Clara Cave's tour, you may purchase entrance tickets at the cave park, which is administered by the P.R. National Parks Company. Cave Park T.: 787-898-3100. P.R. National Parks Administration Company T: 787-721-2800, x 4570, 4571 or 4572.

By the time we visited this ecotreasure, the hours of operation were from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday- Sunday, and Holidays. Last tour: 3:30 p.m. Adults tickets: $ 12.00 p/p. Seniors 65 years old+: $6.00 p/p. Kids 4-12 years old: $7.00 p/p.

If you want to admire the effect of the sunlight crossing the northern and southern entrances of the Clara Cave, be sure to participate in a tour by 2:30 pm. Presume that a tour at this hour is highly solicited so plan in advance properly.

tour provider: Camuy River Cave Park Staff
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where the crew ate: Karne Blanka
photograph by: N. Michelle Rodríguez

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José M. Ferrer Tanco, San Juan, PR- “It is the second time I visit the Camuy Caves. The tour was very well organized. The truth is that it is impressive. The force of nature does not fail to impress. Practically, it is nature at its maximum expression.” (translation ours)

Javier Vadiz, Toa Baja, PR- “It is a spectacular experience to visit caverns of such magnitude, of that formation. It is really amazing what we learned about the creation of the cavern. It is something magnificent.” (translation ours)

Nelson Berríos, Jacksonville, FL- “It was very interesting to watch the Camuy Caverns. The caverns are impressive. As a Puerto Rican, I feel very proud that people from other countries come to see the beauties of Puerto Rico.” (translation ours)

Heather A., Jacksonville, FL- “I really enjoyed the fact that the tour guide did not rush us. Everybody had the chance to enjoy the caves and stop and look, take pictures and ask questions. The cave was very beautiful. The size of the cave astonished me as it was so huge. There is the tiniest little flower. You just got to stop and look at it and just appreciate the beauty of the caves.”


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