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Volunteering at Desde Mi Huerto’s Farm

Learn from Farmers and Aid the Farm
Publication of Discovery: Sept. 30, 2022
Issue: September, 2022

Providing volunteer services at a crop farm may be an entertaining and relaxing way to learn by practice basic farm labor. If you reside in or are visiting Puerto Rico, you may like considering the opportunity to engage in this type of activity at a farm that produces a variety of organic seeds (USDA certified) in the Municipality of Isabela: Desde Mi Huerto’s farm. Vegetable, greens, herbs, edible flowers, fruits, and flowers good for plantation maintenance are among the agricultural products grown in Desde Mi Huerto’s farm for seed production. Below we summarize basic information about Desde Mi Huerto’s volunteer program in which adults and minors may participate. +

Desde Mi Huerto’s Volunteer Program:

1) Place where volunteer services are rendered

Desde Mi Huerto’s farm, located in Arenales Bajos neighborhood, Route 475, km 1.3 Interior, Municipality of Isabela.

2) Volunteer works

Volunteer works vary from time to time as these are subject to the farm’s needs. Examples of these are listed as follows:

(a) Main tasks: Planting seeds at nursery and gathering crops and seeds at the farm.

(b) Other tasks: Planting seedlings at the farm, weeding, plague-control maintenance, applying fertilizers, testing new seeds, cleaning agricultural products, and construction of pergolas and small structures.

3) Examples of agricultural products grown at the farm

Desde Mi Huerto’s seed production varies throughout the year, depending on the season. Examples of the farm products grown for seed production are: tomatoes, eggplant, spinach, bok choi, tatsoi, burgundy okra, Caribbean seasoning peppers, bell peppers, pigeon peas, cucumbers, pumpkin, yuca (cassava), sweet potato, annatto (achiote), sunflower, papaya, acerola, passion fruit, cosmos flowers, and hibiscus flowers.

4) Available days and times for volunteer works

(a) Firstcomers: Thursdays and Fridays, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, subject to prior scheduling. Volunteers may specify the amount of time they are willing to render services within this time frame.

(b) Others: Mondays- Fridays, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm, subject to prior scheduling. Volunteers may specify the amount of time they are willing to render services within this time frame.

5) Minimum required qualifications to participate as volunteer

(a) Adults and minors may participate. Schools may coordinate student field trips for volunteer works.

(b) Minors need to be supervised by parent or legal guardian during the activity, or accompanied by a school representative in the case of school field trips for volunteer work at the farm.

(c) Fill out a Waiver of Responsibility Form to be provided by Desde Mi Huerto.

(d) Be healthy and willing to help and work.

6) Contact information

To schedule an activity for volunteer services, you may contact Desde Mi Huerto by phone or email.

T.: 787-202-0392 E:


Be adventurous and discover farm practices that you may learn through Desde Mi Huerto’s volunteer program.

+ The information about Desde Mi Huerto is based on an interview to Raúl Rosado, Desde Mi Huerto Volunteer Program’s Coordinator.

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Desde Mi Huerto’s Farm

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mind speak!

Raúl Rosado, Desde Mi Huerto Volunteer Program’s Coordinator: “Desde Mi Huerto produces seeds today to harvest a great future.” (translation ours).


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