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Doing a Great Bit for Mother Earth and Communities

Helping out Caras con Causa at Plant Nurseries
Publication of Discovery: Sept. 30, 2022
Issue: September, 2022

Caras of the Americas, a nonprofit organization d/b/a Caras con Causa in Puerto Rico, fosters sustainable development of certain communities through environment-related programs, among other projects. One of these programs that caught our attention is Vivero Antillano Volunteer Program which allows helping plant nurseries and learning from such experience. If you want to do a good deed for the benefit of nature and communities and you reside in or plan to travel to Puerto Rico, participating in this program may be a good fit for you. Below we summarize basic information about Vivero Antillano Volunteer Program.

Caras con Causa’s Vivero Antillano Volunteer Program: +

1) Objectives

(a) Cause the development of plant sprouts to: (i) create educational opportunities for volunteers (adults and minors) to learn about the world of plants, and (ii) for reforestation purposes.

(b) Pursue the planting of young trees to create micro forests in urban zones in Municipality of Cataño and on the northern area of Municipality of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, as well as in Ciénagas Las Cucharillas Nature Reserve (wetland in coastal zone) in Cataño, and to supply young plants to other nonprofit organizations to collaborate with their reforestation efforts in other Puerto Rico areas.

2) Volunteer works in plant nurseries

Subject to Caras con Causa’s agenda and needs, volunteers may be assigned tasks to perform nursery-related works regarding any of the following:

(a) Germination and sprouting (seedling development),

(b) Transplanting seedlings for their next development phase,

(c) Nursery maintenance works such as ecological practices for plague control, weeding, mixing soils, and cleaning equipment, or

(d) Nursery data collection and entry.

3) Examples of plants at the nurseries

Puerto Rico endemic and native flora species are taken care of during their initial development stages in nurseries managed by Caras con Causa for eventual transplantation in other areas.

Examples of seeds planted in nurseries for eventual reforestation of forests on coastal zones are: manjack tree (“palo de lija” in Spanish), royal palm, sea grape, fiddlewood shrub (“péndula” in Spanish), and sandbox tree (“molinillo” in Spanish).

Examples of seeds planted in nurseries for purposes of wetland reforestation are: Pterocarpus tree known as dragon’s blood tree (“palo de pollo” in Spanish), Stahlia monosperma tree (“cóbana negra” in Spanish), and red, black, white and button mangrove trees.

4) Places where volunteer services may be performed

Subject to Caras con Causa’s schedule and needs, volunteer works may be carried out in plant nurseries located in the following facilities:

(a) Escuela Con Causa “Rosalina Caraballo González” in Guaynabo,

(b) Isaac Del Rosario Elementary School in Cataño,

(c) Rafael Cordero School in Cataño, or

(d) “Guaraguo” Nursery in the Center for Civic and Cultural Empowerment, Cataño

5) Available days and times for volunteer works

Mondays- Fridays, at previous scheduled times within the period from 8:00 am-5:00 pm. Volunteer work’s duration is optional for each person.

6) Minimum required qualifications to participate as volunteer

(a) Minors and adults may participate. Schools may coordinate student field trips for volunteer works.

(b) Minors may participate subject to prior written authorization by parent or legal guardian. Minors need to be supervised by parent or legal guardian during the volunteer activity, or accompanied by a school representative during school field trips.

(c) Fill out Waiver of Responsibility Form to be provided by Caras con Causa.

(d) Have a desire to help and learn, and work from the heart.

For more information about participation of minors, you may contact Caras Con Causa’s staff.

7) Contact information

To inquire more information or schedule an activity to provide volunteer services, you may contact Caras con Causa by phone or email.

T.: 787-673-6101 E:


While volunteering your time and effort under the above-mentioned program, you can aid nursery plant growth as well as communities that would benefit from eventual reforestation efforts by Caras con Causa. Thus, you can become a helping hand for both Mother Earth and such communities—a good opportunity to do a great bit.

+ The information about Caras con Causa’s Vivero Antillano Volunteer Program is based on an interview to Nelson Bonilla, who currently manages such program.

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