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Art and Nature Commingle for Kids to Relax

Painting Landscapes during Fundación Ecológica Educativa’s Workshop
Publication of Discovery: Sept. 30, 2022
Issue: September, 2022

For a long time, we have wanted to see kids connecting with nature through a very peaceful and creative way: art. Our wish came true at Puerto Rico Botanical Garden where Fundación Ecológica Educativa, Inc., a nonprofit organization, held a Landscape Painting Workshop on a Saturday morning. The day was perfect for such activity as the sun shined and invited us to admire the natural surroundings.

Sandra González, a Puerto Rican fine artist with 30 years of experience as an art professor, enthusiastically guided kids during the adventure of creativity inspired by a beautiful and cozy natural site at Palmetum area in Puerto Rico Botanical Garden. Kids and their families happily admired the harmonious contrast of light blue, white, green, yellow and brown colors as they looked at the beautiful scenery: the sky, an artificial pond, greenery and a brown fence. Their first task was drawing a sketch of the site’s main elements on white paper while enjoying the view. After parents took pictures of the natural area, everyone headed back to the studio-like terrace for the next phase of their adventure.

Once kids were handed acrylic paint, water and paintbrushes, they eagerly immerse in landscape painting. Kids loved this task as it is all about giving life to their work through colors. Sandra cleverly instructed them how to apply art techniques to paint the sky, diverse types of leaves, green and yellowish vegetation, lustrous pond water, and the attractive fence, among others. Check out this article’s photo gallery where you can see Sandra’s gorgeous landscape artwork as well as kids’ art creations.

The Landscape Painting Workshop allowed kids to relax while letting nature be their muse. Parents enjoyed the calm atmosphere and witnessing how their kids created artwork. This activity turned out to be a gathering for the whole family to benefit from.

Fundación Ecológica Educativa’s events targeted at kids are available on selected Saturdays nearby its headquarters in Puerto Rico Botanical Garden (southern area), Municipality of San Juan. Currently, these activities are free of charge; however, you may make donations to this organization. Besides arts and crafts, the organization holds other types of activities. For more information about its upcoming events and dates thereof, you may contact Fundación Ecológica Educativa at 787-615-6678, or send an email message to

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photograph by: N. Michelle Rodríguez

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Puerto Rico Botanical Garden
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ecotreasures crew: “Art and nature sightseeing bring about a double dose of relaxation. So a landscape art workshop is an awesome way for children to be peacefully entertained.”


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