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The Sleeping-African Limestone Sculpture

A Fascinating Discovery in Cueva María de la Cruz
Publication of Discovery: Dec. 31, 2022
Issue: December, 2022

In this ecotreasures ® magazine issue, we are rendering tribute to nature’s creative ways to surprise via optical illusions or by its magnificence per se. Thus, this special issue points up seven phenomenal and exciting discoveries we have witnessed and that show the above, describing one under each ecotreasures magazine’s category. Though we have been amazed by Mother Earth on many occasions, we have chosen distinguishable findings to share for purposes of this recognition. Keep reading to find out about an awesome optical illusion discovered following a caving experience.

Over two years ago, we visited Cueva María de la Cruz in Municipality of Loíza, Puerto Rico. The tour guide showed us two interesting limestone formations: one named “El Indio Taíno” due to its resemblance to a sculpture carved as a Taíno’s face, and the other named “El Guardador de la Miel” (The Honey Keeper) as it seems to portray an image of a gigantic Taíno’s face with honey dripping on it. Unexpectedly and after looking at our photographs of Cueva María de la Cruz, we were stunned by a particular image. A photo showed a limestone formation resulting in an incredible optical illusion of a huge African face with defined closed eyes, nose, and mouth—a face that we named “The Sleeping African”. You may check this article’s photo gallery to see “The Sleeping African” in the cave’s interior, specifically on the right side near the cavern’s entrance.

Nature per se is wonderful; however, if you look closely at natural surroundings during an adventure you may be further rewarded. Calmly stare at the details and you may witness a peculiar Mother Earth’s gift.

tour provider: Parque Histórico Cueva María de la Cruz
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where the crew ate: El Parrilla
photograph by: N. Michelle Rodríguez

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ecotreasures crew: “Watch how nature communicates even through nonliving natural resources.”


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