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A Deal with Nature to Overcome the Wild Bull’s Challenges

When the Sky and the Ground Become Your Partners
Publication of Discovery: Sept. 30, 2016
Issue: September, 2016

To experience an extreme adventure all the way—that is what you will find in Toro Verde, an adventure park in a mountainous and forest area mainly located in the Municipality of Orocovis, Puerto Rico. Hiking, rappelling, walking on suspension bridges and flying by means of zip lines are among the activities that you may engage in while being fully surrounded by nature in this park comprised of more than 300 acres of land.

Toro Verde offers a variety of attractions to choose from, depending on your interest. If you want to immerse in various nature-oriented activities and undertake challenges that will take your breath away, the Wild Bull (“Toro Salvaje”) recreation is an option to consider.

We accepted the Wild Bull’s challenges: hiking, crossing five wood-plank suspension bridges, free-fall rappelling and flying while attached to The Flight of the Phoenix zip line. Toro Verde’s tour guides, Daniel Ortolaza and Xavier Cruz, demonstrated a high level of responsibility and commitment as they guided and supervised us every step of the way.

Our first challenge was to cross the 360-foot Iguana’s Trail Bridge. Walking on this bridge’s zigzag-positioned wooden planks at a maximum altitude of 98 feet while being surrounded by one of the most beautiful nature sceneries resulted in a breathtaking adventure.

As we continued hiking, we saw African Tulip trees (“Spathodea campanulata”), which predominate in this park, as stated by Danny. Then we crossed the 213-foot Scorpion’s Tale Bridge located at a maximum height of 50 feet. Since this bridge’s short wooden planks were positioned horizontally, we found this challenge to be less difficult than the Iguana’s Trail Bridge’s.

While hiking towards the top of a hill, we admired a diversity of zip lines across Toro Verde and how other adventurers dared themselves as they zipped above us. Once we reached the top of the hill, we found a rest area and took a 10-minute break to drink water and eat snacks.

During our break time, we mentally prepared for our next consecutive challenges: to cross the 393-foot Jump of the Coquí Bridge and execute a free-fall rappel at the end of the bridge. The view of this bridge was impressive, mostly because it is really a semi-bridge. At that moment, we knew that the adventure’s level of difficulty had significantly increased.

Free-fall rappelling at a 133-foot altitude while admiring the wonders of nature and an abundance of trees was very exciting. Though this challenge resulted in an extreme adventure, it refreshed us from the strenuous exercise performed so far.

We hiked towards our next challenge: the 197-foot The Monkey’s Swing Bridge located at a maximum height of 82 feet. We were steps away from reaching the ultimate goal. Still, the last suspension bridge needed to be crossed.

Then we reached the Wild Bull’s longest bridge: the 426-foot Kangaroo’s Path Bridge. To cross this one-wood-plank linear bridge, located at a maximum height of 131 feet, served as our gateway to meet the Wild Bull’s most thrilling challenge.

After hiking upwards, we met the most awaited challenge: The Flight of the Phoenix zip line located at a maximum height of 623 feet. Once we arrived at this zip line’ starting point, we immediately gazed at the magnificent view. We must say that The Flight of the Phoenix’s altitude impressed us. However, both the scenery and Xavier’s knowledge of security measures helped us enjoy our quick and calm flight while we crossed 2,526 feet of Toro Verde’s land. Curiously, we noticed our fast heartbeat once our zip line adventure finished. Immediately, we said to Xavier: “We want to do it again!”

The best about Toro Verde is that we may return to perform more adventuresome tasks and test our courage again. The 2.5-hour Wild Bull tour was just the beginning.

By the time we published this article, the Wild Bull’s hours of operation were 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on weekdays and weekends. To schedule a reservation, you may contact Toro Verde at 787-867-7020 or 787-867-6606.

tour provider: Toro Verde
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where the crew ate: Toro Verde Restaurant
photograph by: N. Michelle Rodríguez José Ferrer Xavier Cruz

Note: This story was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all details with the pertinent businesses before planning your trip. Please be cautious. The company behind this publication assumes no responsibility for your safety when participating in the activities mentioned in this article. You are responsible for confirming whether you are capable of participating in any of these activities or tours, regardless of the effort level or any other information provided in this website.


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José M. Ferrer Tanco, San Juan, PR: “Toro Verde’s teamwork is very professional and knowledgeable. They help you feel safe and enjoy the adrenaline-pumping thrill.

Toro Verde’s site is clean and very well managed. You should not let pass this magnificent experience with nature.” (translation ours)


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