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Kids’ Glory Among Ropes

Happiness Off the Ground
Publication of Discovery: Dec. 31, 2016
Issue: December, 2016

If you want to challenge your kids to overcome obstacles while being surrounded by nature, the Bull Maze in Toro Verde, an adventure park located in the Municipality of Orocovis, Puerto Rico, might be of your interest. The Bull Maze is a 42-foot-tall-rope-course structure with three levels and around 35 elements, according to Dora Rivas, one of the Bull Maze’s guides.

The adventurer kid and his friend maneuvered on the Bull Maze as they crossed challenging elements such as suspension bridges, wooden right circular cylinders, a net bridge, and the worm-shaped bridge. Every time they overcame an obstacle, their joy and satisfaction was evident. As they surmounted each challenge, they gained more confidence to beat the next challenge. Besides enjoying their own glory, each kid was delighted to watch his friend’s accomplishments on the Bull Maze.

Those who are 8 years old or older and whose height is at least 4 feet may engage in the Bull Maze adventure. The Bull Maze activity is great for energetic and disciplined kids who are capable of concentrating to perform a task. Although this activity may be classified as a moderate one, it may be considered an extreme adventure for kids’ purposes. Adults may join their kids on the Bull Maze. A helmet, harness and gloves are supplied by Toro Verde for purposes of this outdoor recreation.

Prior reservations are required to participate in the one-hour Bull Maze activity. For prior reservations, you may contact Toro Verde at 787-867-7020.

tour provider: Toro Verde
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where the crew ate: La Sombra Bar Restaurant
photograph by: N. Michelle Rodríguez Amadeo

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mind speak!

Luis Martí, San Juan, PR: “My favorite Bull Maze’s challenge was to cross through the wooden circular cylinders.” (translation ours).

Salvador Ferrer, San Juan, PR: “The Bull Maze’s challenge I liked the most was the worm-shaped bridge.” (translation ours).


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