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A Pleasant Day in Aibonito

Sightseeing on the Panoramic Route and Exploring Beyond
Publication of Discovery: April 8, 2017
Issue: April, 2017

For decades, the Municipality of Aibonito in the countryside of Puerto Rico has distinguished for its flower nurseries and its annual Flower Festival. Another attraction of this town is that you will stare at beautiful sightseeing views as you drive on its panoramic route.

Below we share information about our sightseeing experience and the places visited in the Flower City.

We drove through the Municipality of Cayey to take Route 7722 where Aibonito’s panoramic route begins. Nearby intersection of Route 722, we stopped at Campofrío, a small bar that specializes in mojitos. The fresh coconut milk mojito was heavenly. We had drinks while staring at nice countryside views.

Then we stopped at the parking premises of Coliseo Las Américas to admire great sightseeing views of mountains and vegetation. After our photo shoot, we explored the magnificent sports gallery in the bar-restaurant Coliseo Las Américas. This spot, located in Route 722, is a “must see” for nature and sports lovers.

After seeing the surroundings on the rest of the panoramic route on Route 7718, we drove towards Route 162 in order to stop at Jardín Luriam. Very pretty, radiant and vivid flowers were seen all around in this garden-like store. Sunflowers and Penta, Celosia, African daisies, Kalanchoe and Angelonia flowers, among others, cheerfully stood out. We received great customer service in this wholesale and retail place.

Finally, we headed to our last stop on Route 723: Tío Pepe Restaurant where we enjoyed a cup of wine and savored fried red snapper and surullitos (corn fritters). Whether you want to eat a nice meal or have drinks, this bar-restaurant is a good option.

If you want to relax while admiring nature, schedule a trip to Aibonito. Also, you can start planning a visit to the Flowers Festival that will take place on June 30–July 9, 2017.

tour provider: Yourself at Nature
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where the crew ate: Tío Pepe Restaurant
photograph by: N.Michelle Rodríguez Amadeo

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José M. Ferrer Tanco, San Juan, PR: “Aibonito’s sightseeing trip was relaxing due to the countryside views and cool breeze.” (translation ours).


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