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The Magic of El Morro Fort Landscape

Revitalization at its Best

By: N. Michelle Rodríguez Amadeo

Issue: June 2016

When people think of El Morro Fort landscape located in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, there are two thoughts that might first come to their mind: a spectacular fortification created under the Spanish Empire, and a huge place where kids might fly kites.

Although this is true, El Morro Fort landscape is much more than that for me. When I think of El Morro, I immediately have flashbacks of my childhood. Actually, when I visit El Morro’s huge grass area, I feel a sudden urge to play like a child there.

Flying kites, sliding down a small slope on a piece of carton, and running all around this natural playground while the ocean breeze hits you are among the most entertaining amusements a child could enjoy at this landmark. These pastimes and the fact that this area is suitable for picnics make El Morro an icon of meeting places for family, friends and kids.

I cherish the visits to El Morro with my family when my only worries were to make sure that my flying kite would not fall on the ground, that I could run faster than my brothers and cousins, and that I would not fall on the nearby cemetery grounds as I admired the ocean view.

After an introspection of my childhood experiences at El Morro’s fantastic surroundings, I must say that El Morro is the kind of place where I feel like a child again. Now, I understand why I feel so relaxed when I visit this place.

In fact, El Morro is a perfect place to meditate in the morning right before your daily routine starts. If I resided in Old San Juan, I would definitely engage in some yoga or other meditation exercises early in the morning at this magical place.

If you are an “early bird”, you may also enjoy watching the magnificent sunrise next to El Morro’s majestic fortification and the natural surroundings.

No matter how many times I visit El Morro, my experience results in feelings of joy, gratitude towards my family, and appreciation of nature. Most of all, El Morro makes me feel rejuvenated.

If you reside in Puerto Rico, do not take for granted this fabulous ecotreasure at your fingertips. If you are a traveler, be advised that El Morro is much more than you would ever read in a brochure.

The best of all is that a visit to El Morro landscape is free of charge and appropriate for solo travelers, tour groups, and family and friends gatherings. Also, you may take advantage of your visit to arrange a tour at El Morro Fort, either with a private tour guide or with U.S. National Park Service’s tour guides.

What are you waiting for? Visit El Morro and revitalize!

Photograph by: N. Michelle Rodríguez Amadeo

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