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The Sun as a Symbol of Good

Happiness, Love and Illumination

By N. Michelle Rodríguez Amadeo

Issue: December 2019

A look at the shining star known as the sun may help contemplate what is really important in life, triggering the light within you. Even though connections with nature's gifts are personal, we wish to share our insights about the precious sun. We believe that this universal gem represents bliss, love and illumination, considering the following symbols:

1) Sunrise is an emblem of life

Whether it is a sunny or cloudy day, the sun rises every morning and reminds us that we are blessed to live another day.

2) Sunrays illustrate the light within us

Our ability to love and feel loved is as illuminated and boundless as the sunrays.

3) Sun’s radiance represents our positive impact

The positive effect resulting from people’s goodness is as magnificent as the sun’s brilliance.

4) Sun’s effect regardless of different time zones symbolize people’s common true nature

As the sun can radiate worldwide at different times, individuals share their true nature faculty to be others’ sunshine in spite of their different personalities.

5) Sunset is emblematic of spiritual knowledge

The rewards and satisfaction resulting from learning a life lesson are as spectacular and defining as a sunset.

Let the sun and each day bring the best in you. You may perform an introspection and conquer your inner self.

Photo by Melba Ayala

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