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Seeing More than Nature's Beauty

When Forces of Nature Partner with You to Unravel

By N. Michelle Rodríguez Amadeo

Issue: December 2020

Admiring nature can trigger relaxation, but there is a potential gift beyond that. Unwinding while engaging in sightseeing in natural areas may serve as the first step towards finding something precious that one may have been looking for: answers. We know that as a result from personal experience, and gladly share an overview of related phases for your benefit.

When paying attention to animal and plant life while exploring on land or discovering underwater ecotreasures in peaceful environments, we really acknowledged the significance of the fact that human beings are not the only ones alive in Planet Earth and that we are privileged to be accompanied by other living organisms. Consequently, we have felt and still feel gratitude towards Mother Earth and the universe.

Following our sense of gratefulness, our appreciation towards nature reached another level as we have felt the energy of trees, flowers, animals, ocean waves, river flows and waterfalls that attracted us. At those times, our mind has cleared. It is at this phase that we have rendered some personal questions to nature. As we have kept an open mind and expected no particular answers, we have received, or rather got aware of, inner wisdom to keep perspective and discover solutions—a grand nature’s gift.

Although insights resulting from natural-attraction sightseeing vary from person to person, there is a common denominator: nature is our friend and as such it may enable to walk on the path towards certain resolutions. Thus, give it a try and see more than natural surroundings’ beauty.

Photo by Carlos Esteva

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